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OnSiteOffice has a variety of Benefits that help commercial real estate Companies, its "in-house" Users from all departments, and authorized, invited, Service Providers, manage the complex, different types of fields, files, images, documents and all other data elements related to Buildings, Portfolios and Projects.

In addition to the Benefits described below, all Building data can be grouped, rolled-up and managed in user defined Portfolios, or segmented in a number of ad hoc Groups for viewing and reporting purposes.

This allows for simple, cost-effective, data exchange, dashboard driven Business Intelligence and pro-active Trends Analysis across different "slices" of all Companies' Property Groups and Asset Management Portfolios.

Supports team-based Collaboration and all capture/store/retrieve/report functions.

There are some easily defined Benefits that are General in scope and can apply to most property types and company processes:

For each User Type within a Company there are some specific Benefits:


            Property Manager:     Mobile repository of all data, files and documents

            Portfolio Manager:     User defined roll-up and grouping of properties

            Owner/Investor:         Expedites due diligence analysis and aids in process management

            CFO:                            Used to establish reporting standards and workflows

            CIO/CTO:                     Provides a toolset to insure proper use of technology features

            Service Provider:        Secure platform re data exchange specific to projects or contracts


OnSiteOffice creates and maintains efficiencies in your property management processes.