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OnSiteOffice (“OSO”) is an easy to use, very affordable, totally flexible, secure online platform for Commercial Real Estate Owners, Operators, Third-Party Fee Managers, their team members, consultants and invited participants to help them capture, store and retrieve the many data elements, files, images, reports or any other type of information related to their Buildings, Portfolios and Projects.

It is a cloud based, free form, user definable data system -- designed, set-up, implemented and used by you -- in your way. Each company can easily create the data categories and fields it needs, either by using templates or by using OSO in a customizable fashion. Plus, the system can either be used to store detailed data fields, organized in categories or your choice, or as a simple file folder storage platform grouped by Company, Region or any other Portfolio designation.

OSO eases the pain of document sharing, transitions in ownership, transitions to other property management companies, and off-site backup of both mission-critical and general use information.

OSO is designed, built and managed by veteran Property Management professionals, with decades of real-world, “hands-on” experience managing many millions of square feet and units of every type or description. Any Authorized User, from Owners, Managers, Agents, Brokers, Tenants, Vendors to Service Professionals can access property data, files, drawings and documents, subject to company defined role based security. Restrictions can be placed on data access for invited outside users. Certain authorized users can upload and modify data and/or documents, as governed by the designated Administrators for the operating company.

While there are a number of property management accounting, analytics, lease administration, CAD/CAM and CAFM systems in use throughout the commercial real estate industry, many of these systems have restricted access to most of the information that property operators need on a daily basis - and they are not designed to be mobile. Plus the training burden, security risks and cost associated with granting access to these systems for the majority of operations personnel or outsourced service providers would be more than most companies can afford.

In addition to providing online access to the above described information that is otherwise not available, OSO is designed to enable the capture and use of data we call {all the other stuff}. We mean by that, all of the data, files and non-financial information we need to access frequently - that is not found in the other systems, or is difficult to access.

Using OSO as a user-defined data system and a powerful toolset, virtually any file type or data element, including (but not limited to) all of a building's documents, forms, permits, licenses, operations manuals, checklists, inspections, building insurance policies, tenant insurance certificates, legal/title information, property and personal inventory tax assessments, tenant and vendor contact information, emergency phone numbers, equipment descriptions, preventative maintenance scheduling, maintenance inventory and unit pricing, administrative data, service contracts, warranties, resource logs, notifications and correspondence, operating budgets, accounting reports, cash flow projection reports, rent rolls, photos, marketing materials, comps, leasing floor plans, & as-built drawings, building projects, portfolio related projects, and any "other" data not normally contained in property management accounting systems, analytical systems, lease abstracting or lease administration systems, "in-house" designed spreadsheets and databases, and any other type of data or file format, from any source, that are needed to operate commercial properties, can be captured, stored and retrieved online 24/7/365, using any desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone.

Owners, tenants, management staff, contractors, brokers, buyers and vendors will appreciate the ability to collaborate and access information at any time from the building's OnSiteOffice account. It greatly reduces the need for email, voice mail, snail mail and overnight delivery costs. Subject to security controls and authorization, OSO gives everyone access to your building's OnSiteOffice.

OSO is affordable, mobile, and secure.

In the office or in the field, OSO is always available to provide access to the data, documents, forms or files you need. The OnSiteOffice support team is committed to make sure your use of OSO is both productive and easy. Any customer service request is handled in a professional, quick and responsive manner.

Save time and money, and dramatically increase productivity, by using OnSiteOffice.com.